16 October 2014

Friends of UNICEF Nichkhun and Paula urge public to help fight Ebola

Nickhun Horvejkul, Friend of UNICEF, is urging the public to help fight the Ebola outbreak. Make a donation today at http://www.unicef.or.th

BANGKOK, 14 October 2014 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today appealed to the Thai public for urgent donations to help fight the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa.

07 October 2014

Ebola and its devastating impact on children

A social mobilizer teaches children about proper hand-washing in Conakry.
© UNICEF/NYHQ2014-1522/La Rose

By Timothy La Rose

The village of Meliandou in Guéckédou, Guinea, where the recent Ebola outbreak is believed to have started, is probably one of the most difficult places to reach in the country. It is a two-day drive from the capital of Conakry, followed by a long walk through the dense rain-forest.

Along with child protection officers and partners, I recently went to Meliandou, to understand how Ebola was affecting children. What we found confirmed our suspicions—based on what the people we spoke to said, there would be hundreds, if not thousands of children who have lost a parent, grandparent, brothers and sisters or have been made orphans by this deadly disease.

02 October 2014

Ebola: leaving children orphaned in Sierra Leone

13 year-old Francis has lost his sister, parents and grandmother to Ebola.
(c) UNICEF Sierra Leone/2014/Dunlop
By Jo Dunlop

Popping his head out from behind the front door is Francis, a 13-year-old boy who welcomes me into a sparsely furnished home on the fringes of Kailahun town. The house is humble but sturdy, nestled on the side of one of the lush, gentle hills that characterize the landscape of Sierra Leone’s Eastern Province.

22 August 2014

Video interviews of young people at risk of HIV

Video by Jingjai N.

While overall levels of HIV infection have declined among the general population Thailand over the past two decades, new infections are increasing among young people in Thailand especially among men who have sex with men (MSM), transgenders, females who exchange sex for money, migrant workers and people who inject drugs.

Watch video interviews of young people at risk of HIV and sexual transmitted infections.
Download full report http://www.unicef.org/thailand/media_356.html

08 August 2014

Ebola in Sierra Leone – the joy of survivors

Vandy Jawad on the day he left the Ebola treatment centre. © UNICEF Sierra Leone/2014/Dunlop

 By Jo Dunlop

I travelled upcountry last week to one of the worst affected areas of Sierra Leone – Kenema. When you arrive in the town, there’s a feeling that Ebola has settled in with no plans to move any time soon. Chlorine buckets sit outside most restaurants for people to wash their hands; Ebola information posters are plastered on buildings; crackly radios are loudly broadcasting conversations about Ebola; people are talking about ‘dis Ebola bisnis’ relentlessly on the street; and handshaking has been replaced by a brush of the elbows.

20 July 2014

Children of a lost generation

Children and grandparents at a village in Khon Kaen Province. In Thailand, more than 3 million children do not live with their parents due to internal migration. © UNICEF-Thailand/2014/Aphiluck Paungkaew

Story by Nattha Keenapan/ Photos by Aphiluck Puangkaew 

 (The story is published in the Nation newspaper on July 19, 2014)

KHON KAEN, Thailand,  July 2014 – Every  night, Seng Codechum, 53, gets up several times in order to prepare infant formula for her seven-month old grandson. In the bedroom she shares with her 63-year-old husband and four-year-old grandson, the baby’s crying awakens the two elders, who take turns feeding him. It has been quite some time since their sons and daughters in law left home in Khon Kaen’s Baan Nong-Or village to find work in the big cities, leaving the young children in their care. 

11 July 2014

"Healthy Communities" for children with intellectual disabilties

Video by Jingjai N.

A video on Healthy Communities Project which provides health screening for children with intellectual disabilities in Thailand. The project, organized by Special Olympics Thailand, with support from UNICEF is aimed at collecting information and document data that will influence the development of long-term public healthcare services for people with intellectual disabilities in Thailand.

10 July 2014

Flying High for Kids: Balloon for children with intellectual disabilties

© UNICEF Thailand/2014/Sukhum Preechapanich
© UNICEF Thailand/2014/Sukhum Preechapanich

Photos by Sukhum Preechapanich

CHIANG MAI, Thailand, July 10, 2014 - Andrew Parker, a balloon pilot shows hot balloon for children with disabilities in Chiang Mai today. Parker, the founder of Flying High for Kids, will go to 100 countries in next 4 years to help UNICEF promote children’s rights. He shares postcards collected from children around the world so the children can learn and accept different cultures.

25 June 2014

Are children your business?

A video that takes you through a visual journey of what children's rights in business means; from the Convention on the Right of the Child to the Children's Rights and Business Principles. It makes the case for children's rights in business including through the voice of business leaders.

27 May 2014

MICS4: Survey on the situation of children and women in Thailand

A video about the survey on the situation of children and women in Thailand or the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2012, conducted by the National Statistical Office (NSO) with support from UNICEF.

The NSO collected the data from 27,000 households nationwide from September to November 2012. For the first time, tablet PCS were by the NSO in the data collection process, allowing the NSO to more quickly collect data and better monitor its quality during both collection and processing.

Read press release and download findings of the survey: http://www.unicef.org/thailand/media_22567.html